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Tweet 6 Tips for Photographing Blue Hour As amazing as this natural phenomenon is, I’m surprised how few people, and especially photographers, are aware of blue hour at all. If this is you, not to worry, I’m going to open your eyes to a whole new photo opportunity.
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Blue hour photography is an easy genre to master as you usually do not have to worry about harsh lighting or shadows in your shots. Landscapes, cityscapes, and portraits are photography genres that work very well during blue hour as the soft overcast light can create an ethereal mood in your scenes.
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5 Tips For Photographing The Blue Hour
The blue hour is the period just before sunrise and just after sunset when sun is below the horizon and the sunlight takes on a blue hue which creates a cool blue shade in the scene and the sky. Now, even though as the term is called the “blue hour”, the actual time of this period doesn’t always last an hour.

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Twilight is a magical time for photography. Rather than packing up and heading home when the sun sets, you might be surprised by what you can capture if you just stick around a little later. Twilight light often gives the sky a lovely blue glow, so this time of night or morning is often referred to as the “blue hour” by photographers.
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Blue Hour Photography (click the image to view full size) I used Nikon 16-35mm f/4 lens on Nikon D700 body and focused manually into infinity so that I can get the entire frame from the foreground to the background in focus.
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Baltimore Inner Harbor
Last Friday after work, I drove to the Baltimore city to try some blue hour photography. Baltimore Inner Harbor is a familiar spot to me where I have shot before and I chose this location for the blue hour photography because I wanted to include the buildings and its reflection on the water mixed with the blue hour sky and create a contrasty and a high dynamic range picture.
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He draws on his 10 years of landscape photography, mainly in New England, to serve as examples and to share so that you can create your own award winning shots. This is a recording and not a live presentation. Run Time: 1 hour 12 mins.
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 · During this ‘blue hour,’ the sky has a deep blue hue. Rich, saturated colors paint the landscape and sky. The transition from the blue hour to the golden hour happens quickly. An array of colors appears from blues, lavenders, pinks, reds to oranges. Tips for
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Ultimate Guide to Sunrise Photography
Best Settings for Sunrise Photography Shooting in the Blue Hour Before Sunrise Shooting at Sunrise Shooting in the Golden Hour after Sunrise Sunrise Photography Tips Tip #1. How to Predict a Nice Sunrise Tip #2. Plan the Location Tip #3. Arrive Early
5 Quick Tips for Better Blue Hour Photography
It is all about the Light! PART 3
Today I will discuss the Blue Hour, which happens twice a day, before sunrise and after sunset. Take fantastic photos at these special times. Home Photo Tours FALL 2021 Photography Travel Tours 2021 FALL | Cinque Terre Photo Tour | Timeless Italy 2021 FALL
5 Quick Tips for Better Blue Hour Photography

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“Blue Hour” Photo Story
I provide all the details, along with some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of shooting landscapes during the “blue hour.” If you enjoyed the video, please do like it on YouTube . That’ll let me know you found it helpful and would like me to create more in the future.
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7 Tips to Make Travel Photography Interesting Again → Tips for Using Neutral Density Filters for Cityscape Photography at Blue Hour Posted on 19 September 2018 by admin
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Singapore skyline with bokeh lights at blue hour (26mm, f/4.2, 15 seconds, ISO 100). Step 1: Find a location with enough lights Shooting at popular cityscape photography spots works great, but any place (such as a road in front of your house) might be suitable as long as there are sufficient lights.
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Christmas blue hour photo ideas w Mike Browne
Christmas Blue Hour is popping with photo opportunities and it’s a great time to get out there, shoot some images and practise using high ISO low light exposures. Well that and composition, using focal lengths and really LOOKING for photos. I was lucky enough to