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便可將電壓增益值做調整,Sound Activated LED Using LM386 Audio Amplifier IC
LM386 Audio Amplifier Circuit
IC LM386 Is A well-known Low energy Audio Amplifier, It eats Low power deliver Like Batteries In Electronics And electrical Circuits. This IC includes eight Pins. The voltage gain Of This Amplifier can be Adjusted to 20, And the benefit Voltage might be two hundred by Connecting outside components Like Capacitors as well as Resistors among the Pins No eight And 1.
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LM386 IC Amplifier : 8 Steps
LM386 IC Amplifier: Hii friend, Today I am going to make an audio amplifier.In this amplifier we will use LM386 IC.This IC amplifier sound is very good.Let’s get started
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LM386 LM386L Audio Power Amplifier IC
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Create radio receiver circuits with the LM386 audio …

Although the ubiquitous LM386 IC was designed to be used as an audio amplifier, it has a number of undocumented characteristics that can be exploited to create simple radio receiver circuits that deliver surprisingly high performance. These circuits can be used for
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About the LM386 IC chip According to the IC manufacturer’s datasheet, the overview section explains that “This IC is a power amplifier designed for use in low voltage consumer applications, with a gain internally set to 20 for a voltage gain (=26 dB) to reduce the number of external components.
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 · PDF 檔案音頻訊號放大器 6 1,OPA 的接腳與特性 1,LM324 的腳位介紹 圖二 LM324 內部接腳圖 LM324 是由四個獨立的運算放大器所構成的。『電源電壓由3V~32V』(註一)。 1,7,8,但1 腳和8 腳 之間增加一支外接電阻和電容,電壓增益預設值為20,最大為20,10,使得LM386 特別適用於電池供電的場合。
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LM386 stereo amplifier in bridge 2 watts
 · Here is LM386 stereo audio amplifier circuit, 2 watts. Using 3 ICs in a bridge model. It is cheap and easy to builds for a beginner. In normal we use LM386 as a small amplifier.It can give an output power is 500mW to 700mW. But this circuit is special. The designer
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LED VU Meter / Amplifier
lm386 lm3915 vu-meter Summary A Voice Unit (VU) LED Meter made with an amplifier stage using LM386 and LM3915 IC chips. Link & Share Copy and paste the appropriate tags to share. URL PNG CircuitLab (download or hot-link) smalllarge
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* lm386 subcircuit model follows: *****original* IC pins: 2 3 7 1 8 5 6 4 * IC pins: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 * | | | | | | | |.subckt lm386 g1 inn inp gnd out vs byp g8
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A good, modern alternative for lm386?
 · The LM386 is not an opamp, it is a little power amp (low power) with built-in biasing and built-in negative feedback. Most opamps and little power amps are inexpensive but we don’t know which country you are in. You forgot to say what you need the opamp to do.
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LM386 Audio Amplifier Circuit
The IC LM386 is a low-power audio amplifier, and it utilizes low power supply like batteries in electrical and electronic circuits. This IC is available in the package of mini 8-pin DIP. What are some projects that use the LM386 audio amplifier circuit?
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Lm386 Am Radio

Electronic diagram of the direct radio receiver that has a lm386 ic in its lf stage is given on pic318. An lm386 powered crystal radio in an altoids smalls tin last year i was designing an arduino powered doorbell for my new home and i reached for the trusty lm386 to build the audio amplification stage.
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以 所構成的擴大器之實作與探討

 · PDF 檔案以OPA 及功率IC 所構成的擴大器之實作與探討 2 一,其靜態 功耗僅有24mW,14 腳是做為放大器輸出之用。 3,5,概述 LM386 主要應用於低電壓電路產品中,12 腳是做
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LM386 Audio Amplifier Circuit
IC LM386 is a famous low power audio amplifier, it consumes low power supply like batteries in electronics and electrical circuits. This IC consists of 8 pins. Voltage gain of this amplifier can be adjusted to 20, and gain voltage will be 200 by connecting external components like capacitors as well as resistors among the pins’ no 8 and 1.
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이 그림은 LM386이라는 IC(집적회로, Integrated Circuit)를 위에서 본 것(Top View)입니다. 핀 넘버를 부여하는 방법은 홈이 파여있는 부분을 왼쪽으로 해서 본 상태에서 좌측하단을 1번으로 하고, 차례대로 반시계방향(CCW, Counter Clock Wise)으로 계속 숫자를 증가시켜 가는 방법을 취합니다.