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Radial Tunnel Syndrome, Diagnostic and Treatment Dilemma

 · PDF 檔案RADIAL TUNNEL SYNDROME THE ARCHIVES OF BONE AND JOINT SURGERY. ABJS.MUMS.AC.IR VOLUME 3. NUMBER 3. JULY 2015)158(nerve by extending the elbow, pronating the forearm, or flexing the wrist. Two accepted clinical tests to confirm the
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Radial Tunnel Syndrome

 · PDF 檔案Radial tunnel syndrome (RTS) was first reported as a unique clinical syndrome in 1956. RTS has • Radial tunnel compression test, which involves the examiner rolling their fingers over the radial nerve region (perpendicular to the nerve) in the proximal forearm
Defining Radial Tunnel Syndrome
Radial nerve entrapment can be diagnosed with a specific test which reproduces pain on turning the palm of the hand up and extending the middle finger against resistance or resisted supination. The radial nerve bifurcates into two branches at the elbow, namely the posterior interosseous nerve (PI nerve) and superficial radial nerve.
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Radial Tunnel
The patient must have pain with resisted supination, positive middle finger test, positive electrodiagnostic findings, and pain relief after anesthetic injection into the radial tunnel. Based on 2002 data, surgical decompression leads to 60-70% good or excellent results.
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Radial Nerve Decompression
The most sensitive examination for radial tunnel syndrome involves application of firm constant pressure over the mobile wad onto the radial neck to locate the point of maximum tenderness. The middle finger test—extension of the middle finger against resistance with the elbow extended—transmits pressure to the third metacarpal, indirectly tensioning the ECRB and causing …
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Radial Tunnel Syndrome Los Angeles
Radial Tunnel Syndrome can generally be diagnosed by the history of symptoms and by physical exam looking for signs of nerve inflammation. Pain on resisted forearm rotation or on resisted middle finger extension may reveal a radial nerve that is compressed and inflamed.
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Radial Tunnel Syndrome Signs Tenderness at 4-5 cm distal to the lateral epicondyle Pain induced by supination against resistance The middle finger extension test Radial Tunnel Syndrome ELECTRODIAGNOSIS Not sensitive Most likely due to Etiologies
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Therapeutic Exercise Program for Radial Tunnel Syndrome

 · PDF 檔案Length of program: This exercise program for radial tunnel syndrome should be continued for 6 to 12 weeks, unless otherwise specified by your doctor or physical therapist. After your recovery, these exercises can be continued as a maintenance program.
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Radial Tunnel Syndrome
Radial tunnel syndrome is a special type of treatment that has been developing to tackle the radial nerve problems and the way to implementing that test is very simple. It will be a very easy way which can eventually compress the muscular position near the forearm part of the body and the lateral muscular area near the elbow and arm.
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Elbow Physical Exam
Tinel sign positive over cubital tunnel with elbow extended elbow flexion test positive when flexion of the elbow for > 60 seconds reproduces symptoms Radial tunnel syndrome resisted long finger extension test reproduces pain at radial tunnel (weakness because
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Radial neuropathies
 · Summary Radial neuropathies are conditions caused by acute or chronic injury to the radial nerve.Clinical presentations vary with the mechanism, site, and extent of nerve injury. The radial nerve arises from the posterior cord of the brachial plexus, which comprises cervical roots C5–T1..
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Radial Tunnel Syndrome Isn’t Easy to Diagnose Like …

Radial tunnel syndrome is the focus of this patient report. Because there are no definite tests that prove the patient has radial nerve compression, the surgeon must rely on patient report and clinical findings to make the diagnosis.
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Radial deviation of finger (Concept Id: C1836189)

Bending or curvature of a finger toward the radial side (i.e., towards the thumb). The deviation is at the metacarpal-phalangeal joint, and this finding is distinct from clinodactyly. An extremely rare chondrodysplastic malformation syndrome with the combination of
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Digital cutaneous branch: this supplies sensation to the lateral/radial three and a half digits (thumb, index, middle and radial half of the ring fingers). Risk factors In most cases, the cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is unknown (known as idiopathic CTS).
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Ultrasound-Guided Injection Technique for Radial …

Patients suffering from radial tunnel syndrome exhibit pain on active resisted supination of the forearm and a positive radial tunnel compression test. The radial tunnel compression test is performed by tightly compressing the area over the radial tunnel for 30 seconds ( Fig. 58.2 ).